The Art of Science: Naomi Campbell Reflects On Our Changing World

Arte Fuse / May 23, 2016

The Center for Contemporary Art / Bedminster, NJ

April 22nd – June 11, 2016

Science has been co-opting art for a while, perhaps to make itself more consumable or “user-friendly”. What does it mean, though, when an artist uses science as a platform to create a body of work? When is art science and science art? According to Naomi Campbell, an artist who finds herself as comfortable in the scientific arena as she does in the art world, the two disciplines aren’t so far apart as they might seem. Campbell says that “There’s an intuitive side of science that’s so close to what artists do, especially in research and in diagnosis quite often too. To really get good, there’s that level of intuition that comes into play that is so difficult sometimes that unless you let go and start having that kind of open thinking, you may never find a solution.”

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Photographs provided by Naomi Campbell