Magical Arts Fridays

An Interview with Kim Power

by Terri Parsons

MM:  You have been so creative and artistic as long as I have known you.  It is definitely in your blood.  Did you always know it was going to be your career?

KP: We’ve known each other for about thirty years, wow. It has been a while! You’re right, it is in my blood, literally. My mom was an interior decorator and my dad designed lamps so they were into art and there was always something creative going on at home. We also had this fabulous batik artist next door when I was growing up. I don’t know that I thought of it as a career as such early on but it has always been something I had to do. Whether it’s in visual media or in words I am driven to express myself. I’ve also always had a curious mind so making art was the perfect way for me to continue learning throughout my lifetime.

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