About Face: Cayce Zavaglia

Lyons Wier Gallery (all images courtesy of the gallery)

November 5th to December 12th, 2015

By Kim Power

The portraits created by Cayce Zavaglia are not meant to flatter. There is no idealization, only relentless recording of physiognomic traits. There is nowhere to hide from her methodical analysis of every form and tonality. This sort of microscopic attention to detail might lead one to assume the result to be clinical and cold. In fact it is just the opposite. By making a conscious choice to limit the range of personalities to her own gene pool and friends, Zavaglia has chosen not only the path of the familiar but is also delving into a complex psychological matrix. They are strangers to us, the viewer, but to Zavaglia they are part of a web of relationships and experiences that encapsulate her world.

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