Born into the late 60’s era of psychedelic art with a neighbor who practiced batik, Kim Power developed an early love for decoration and an intuitive feeling for color.

She studied painting and drawing at James Madison University where she discovered the art of dying fabric through direct and indirect methods. Using these techniques in combination with the traditional forms of embroidery and quilting, she developed a personal language of narrative imagery in fibers.

These methods gave rise to her creation of “Story Boxes” in which she combined symbols of alchemy with fairytales and dream imagery. Early impulses to employ figures, inspired a body of work titled, “Women in Transformation”, in which she invented a biography for each female entity within the context of a mythological landscape.

Finding the need to expand her visual vocabulary, Kim then studied oil painting through private classes, later achieving an MFA degree in painting from the New York Academy of Art.

Her current body of work embraces both her understanding of pattern and decoration and figuration in a hybrid of visionary expression, which challenges views on form and flatness. Inspired by early works of Byzantine tapestries and contemporary Street Art, she combines layers of imagery, which are interwoven in a technique of subtraction through addition, describing a personal narrative with mystical overtones.

 “I work in layers of color, pattern and luminosity, in an additive/subtractive process that excavates memory and association. By reassembling imagery, I define my own personal visionary experience. I use mixed media, paint and alternative tools, finding my way in the process, often beginning with an initial idea of imagery and expanding on that, only to obliterate parts as a sign of the passage of time and erasure of memory.”



New York Academy of Art , New York, NY:  MFA (2012-2014)

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA: B.S. in Art Education (1990)


D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Washington, D.C. Small Projects Grant for “Old Cronies” set design for Deborah Riley Dance Projects. (Spring 2000)


Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY, COLOR (National Art Show), group show, juried by Lilian Tone, Assistant Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, (July-August 2016)

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, NY, Plein Air Paintings of the Bartow-Pell Gardens, group show (July – September 2016)

 Collier West Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Nudes and Jewels, group show (April 2016)

Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA, Twice Born, group show (October-December 2015)

Studio 7 Fine Art Gallery, Bernardsville, NY, “AANYAA Exhibition”, Group Show (May 2015)

Conception Gallery, Long Island City, NY, “Woman Up”, Group Show (March 2015)

Fringe Salon, NYC, New York, “Salon@the Salon, Group Show (March 2015)

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, NYC, New York, “Everybody Will Be Famous for 12 Inches” Group Show (August 2014)

New York Academy of Art, NYC, New York, “MFA Thesis Exhibit” (May 2014)“Experimental” (November 2013), “Open Studios” (April 2013), “Tribeca Ball” (April 2013), “Mini” (February 2013), “Spaces” (February 2013), “Heads” (November 2012)

RH Gallery, NYC, New York, “Single Fare 3” (February 2013)

Cafe Quirky Lunchroom and Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands, “Still” group show, (September 2011)

Open Studio Day, Acteerstudio, Scheviningen, The Netherlands (2008)

American Book Center, The Hague, The Netherlands, Solo Exhibit (2007)

Galerie Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar, The Netherlands, Group Show (January 2005-February 2006)

Walls, Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands “Wall 2 Wall” (November 2004-December 2004)

Expositie B-Faclulteit, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands Solo Exhibit (September 2004-October 2004)

Haags Kunstring, The Hague, The Netherlands “Creatif Den Haag” (July 2004)

Mouvements atelier galerie, The Hague, The Netherlands Portret Opendag (February 2004) Christmas Exhibit (November 2003-January 2004)

American Women’s Club of The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands Solo Exhibits (March 2003 and November 2004)

Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville, MD “Women in Transformation, Storybox Series II, “ juried show (October 2002)

The Greater Reston Arts Center, Reston, VA “Myths and Legends,” juried show (July-August 2002)

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Washington, D.C. Artist Fellowship Program Applicant Exhibition (June 2002)

Green Springs Gardens, Springfield, VA “Floral Fantasy in Fiber” (December 2001-April 2002)

Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA Volunteer Show (Summer 1992) “2001 All Media Juried Exhibition,” juried show (April 2001)

Goldman Art Gallery, Gildenhorn Speismain Center for the Arts, The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Rockville, VA “Threads: An Exploration of the Many Uses of Fiber,” invitational show (February-March 2000)

Bird-In-Hand Bookstore and Gallery, Washington, D.C. “Gardens of Eden,” solo show (November-December 2000) Gallery Artists Group Show (Summer 2000)

2nd Annual Washington D.C. Art-O-Matic, Washington, D.C. (October 2000)

Dance Place, Washington, D.C. (May 2000, September-October 2001)

Capitol Hill Art League, Washington, D.C. “Shapes,” juried show (October 1999)

Rivaga Art, Washington, D.C. Fall Crafts Show (Fall 1998) Artist’s Portfolio Show (Summer 1999)

La Salle Basse, galerie d’art, Trevignan, France « Oeuvres Recentes, » solo show (Fall 1997)

Springwater Fiber Workshop, Inc., Alexandria, VA Member’s Show (Fall 1990, 1991, and Summer 1994)

Annual Lincoln Park Arts Festival, Washington, D.C. (Summer 1992, Summer 1993)

Torpedo Factory Arts Center, Alexandria, VA “Spatial Expressions,” site-specific invitational/juried show (Summer 1992)

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Washington, D.C. Faculty Show (Fall 1991)


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Kim Power: la grace de la peinture sure toile, Le Dauphine Libere, Trevignan, France (October 25, 1997)

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